About the Coven 

The Coven of the Grey Lynx was officially born in August of 2014 at our annual retreat. Working with the Lynx teaches us to observe quietly, discover hidden knowledge, and to trust our instincts. The Coven is a teaching coven that embraces the philosophy of "learn by doing".  Our workings are often driven by our interest in Astrology. The Coven is led by Lady Eir and is based in Albany, NY. The Coven is accepting new members, provided certain qualifications are met.


About Lady Eir 

Lady Eir began practicing Wicca as a solitary toward the end of her college years. After a brief time working with a public group in Albany, she found herself relocated to Buffalo, NY. Lady Eir was Dedicated to the Coven of the Albino Bat in 2009. She received her Third Degree Elevation in the Summer of 2013.  When life changes brought her back to Albany, she was excited to take what she learned from the Knotted Ash with her to share with others in her home town. In the Spring, of 2017, Lady Eir was honored to be known as an Elder within our Tradition. Lady Eir strongly believes that each of us has ability to realize our own personal power, if only we are willing to seek it out.

Lady Eir led an introductory Rune workshop to an open group in the Albany area, and continually offers Wicca 101 and 201 instruction to her students.