Frith isn't just for Heathens

It is now Pagan Pride season once again, and so … we are now invited by the Most High to open the ways for the Seekers, and find common ground with our fellow magickal folks, whether they be druidic, heathen, shamanic, witch, or ceremonial.

This means we may in fact find ourselves in public with those we do not agree with, with those who have borne us malice, and/or with those we would hold to the axe if we could.

It does us no good to break the peace or hospitality in such places dedicated to mutual understanding and outreach. This does not mean that we must suffer fools or tolerate the intolerable. It does mean that we should strive to play as nicely in the public sandbox as we can. As much as we need the best from our communities, our communities need the best of us.

All of us.

-Rath, HP CoBV