The Church of the Knotted Ash conducts regular Wicca 101 classes in the Western New York area on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.  It is a 10-week course commitment, and we encourage pre-registration for the course.  We require a minimum of 3-5 pre-registered students who will make the commitment to the 10 classes in order to hold a session.  There is a fee of $15 per class or $120 if paid in full before the first class.  (Please note that class fees may vary depending on region.)

The Wicca 101 classes are facilitated jointly by Aurora and Zinnia who are priestesses of the first degree in the Coven of the Albino Bat.  



What does the Wicca 101 Course cover?

Our Wicca 101 class series is designed for Seekers* new to the Path and Seekers who wish to further their knowledge.  It will give the student a solid foundation in the practices of modern witches and should provide enough basic information for the student to be more comfortable with the aspects of practice.

The topics covered in our Wicca 101 classes include a variety of ways modern Witches practice their Craft and honor their gods.  The course outline encompasses:

  • What is Wicca and Paganism?

  • What is deity?

  • What is a sabbat/esbat?

  • What is magick?

  • How do I work with energy?

  • Ethics

  • Etiquette

  • Tools used by witches

  • Elemental correspondences

  • Ritual construction

What is a Seeker?

A Seeker is anyone who has discovered the Path of Wicca or Witchcraft and seeks to understand more about the various aspects of the Path.

What if I can’t make it to one of the classes in the series?

This is not a problem.  Please tell us before the class so we know not to expect you.  We respectfully request that if you know you will miss more than two classes in the series, you discuss this with us before the first class.

Why do I have to pay for these classes?

Great question!  There is a three-part answer:

  • Sometimes we rent a room for these classes. Part of your class fee covers the room rental.

  • We provide hand-outs pertaining to the topic of the night. These are great reference materials that you can use throughout your practice as well as helping you understand the information being presented to you in class.

  • We offer you knowledge and experience that is difficult to find in a book. We are present every week for you to ask questions and gain valuable insight into the actual practice of the Craft. To be honest, we really don’t make money from teaching. However, we have found over the years that those who are willing to pay even a small fee are willing to complete the course to enrich their own practice.

How do I register?

Interested Seekers are encouraged to register for the course as soon as possible to ensure the course will have enough attendees to hold a series on the proposed date (see the Events page for upcoming dates).  When contacting the Church of the Knotted Ash, please put “Wicca 101” in your message.  Seekers interested in Wicca 101 classes in Albany, NY or Alexandria, VA should put “Wicca 101 – Albany” or “Wicca 101 – Alexandria” in the message so the respective coven leaders can contact you directly.