Lady Kaltem grew up without a fixed religion, and her parents were patient and understanding whenever she would ask them to drive her to services and Vacation Bible School at various churches in her tiny hometown.  None of the churches she occasionally attended really gave her the answers she sought, so she continued to search into her adult life.  Lady Kaltem had always been fascinated with the witches and witchcraft of Hollywood’s making, and it was a simple Internet search in the fall of 1997 where she first discovered Wicca.


After her discovery, she located a local occult shop that held Wicca 101 classes.  She took her first Wicca 101 class in 2000 with Lady Breid Foxsong and learned much about witchcraft and its history.  She practiced the Craft mostly solitary over the next couple of years until a friend asked her to go with her to another Wicca 101 class in January of 2002, where Lady Kaltem met Lord Eldraun.  She continued her studies with Lord Eldraun under the teachings of his former group, lead by Lady Ivy.  It was through these teachings that she finally found a religion that resonated with her.

When Lord Eldraun and Lady Ivy left their group to start a new tradition, Lady Kaltem would not be left behind.  She had the honor of Dedication to this new tradition bestowed upon her by Lord Eldraun and Lady Ivy on January 12, 2005.  Within this tradition, she has learned much more about the Craft of the Wise than she ever dreamed existed and has attained the status of Third Degree High Priestess and Elder within the Knotted Ash Tradition.

As a member of the Knotted Ash Tradition, Lady Kaltem has been introduced to new people and experiences, including assisting in Pagan Pride Day events.  She teaches Wicca 101 classes and conducts Wicca 201 mentoring, and she has been actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America since 2004.  Her goal is to work in both the magickal and mundane communities, dispelling the myths and changing people’s opinions of Pagans and Witches.


Lady Kaltem has volunteered at several Pagan Pride Days in the Western New York area since 2005, serving on a few of the planning committees in different capacities:

          2006     Secretary - Buffalo Niagara Pagan Pride Day
          2007     Assistant Local Coordinator, Erie County - Buffalo Niagara Pagan Pride Day
          2014      Committee Member - Greater Buffalo Pagan Pride Day (reboot of Buffalo Niagara PPD)
          2015      Committee Member - Greater Buffalo Pagan Pride Day
          2016      Co-Local Coordinator - Greater Buffalo Pagan Pride Day
          2018      Co-Local Coordinator - WNY Pagan Pride Day (f/k/a Greater Buffalo Pagan Pride Day)
          2019      Local Coordinator - WNY Pagan Pride Day

She also had the joy of bringing open full moon rituals to the WNY Pagan community and co-facilitated open Wicca 101 classes with Lord Eldraun in the Greater Buffalo area.

While the Coven of the White Wolf resides in the Western New York area, we believe in helping whenever there is a need.  Lady Kaltem and her coven members have actively participated in Fertile Ground Gathering, a Beltane festival in the Northern Virginia area where our brethren in the Coven of the Black Vulture thrive.
          2012     Children's Workshop Presenter (with husband Stephen)
          2013     Children's Workshop Presenter (with husband Stephen)
          2014     Workshop Presenter (Don't Drink the Kool-Aid), May Couple (with husband Stephen)
          2016     Workshop Presenter (Invoking, Evoking & Aspecting; Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt with Stephen)
          2017     Workshop Presenter (Wiccan Altar Tools)


When one stops learning, one stops growing.  Lady Kaltem continues to increase her knowledge by learning various things along the Path of the Wise.  Some of the knowledge she has acquired is recognized publicly as certifications.  She practices Usui Reiki and Practical Reiki, and she is a Certified Aromatherapist.  For more information on Lady Kaltem's experience using energy for healing, her practice as an aromatherapist, or to schedule an appointment for reiki or aromatherapy with her, please visit White Wolf Reiki & Wellness.