December 14, 2004, a new tradition was born in Western New York. After many years in another tradition, Lady Ivy and Lord Eldraun, like the phoenix, rose from the flames and formed the Coven of the Albino Bat. After a major growth period and with the addition of solitary members, the coven became the Clan of the Knotted Ash. Then on June 1, 2009, the Clan became a legal church in New York State and the Church of the Knotted Ash was born. Dedicated to intense study and high standards, the Church of the Knotted Ash strives to help educate the next generation of Wiccans and Witches in the Buffalo Pagan community and beyond.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Church of the Knotted Ash shall be to assist fellow Pagans in their communion with the gods through various levels of instruction ranging from general reverence of divinity to serious clergy training. As a Clan, we honor the Celtic and Norse gods and goddesses through ritual, meditation and study. We dedicate our work to the community, the Lord and Lady, and the Greater Good.


5/25/19: Please note: The next series of Wicca 101 classes will begin on Thursday, June 13th, 2019. Please go to our Wicca 101 page for more information on the class and its requirements.

10/6/2017:  We have recently lost our home at the SAGE Center due to its closing of the physical location.  We enjoyed our time bringing sabbat and esbat events to the community, and we would like to continue to do that.  We are searching for another place to hold these events.  Please keep checking back for updates.  Thank you!