Not all Magicks are the Same.

I was recently contacted by a magickal person about adapting the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The idea being to take a well known and somewhat fashionable framework, and adapt it to the querent’s preferred cultural framework. This as a concept is not that unusual.

How many versions of various folk magick chants for burn healing are there? I can think of at least three coming from all up and down the Appalachian Mountain Range. Folk magick lends itself to local variances and cultural frameworks. It is of the folk, meaning of the people who use it. Quick, fast, simple. Distinctly Not Fancy.

Ceremonial magick is not folk magick.

So we spent some time talking to the querent about the whats, whys, hows, and such about the LBRP in large scale terms, as well as in the minutiae that makes such a work powerful. Ultimately, the querent came to the conclusion that the LBRP is simply in a different magickal language than the individual wants to speak.

What is your magickal language?

-Rath, HP CoBV