Kindling the need fire


I kindle this flame as Sunna gives light to the world.  Thor on top of this house, Frigga and Odin at its center and the eight strongest ALGIZ surrounding!

When I was a young witch, I fell in love with a prayer to the goddess Brighid.  This prayer was said under the breath of the woman who stirred the coals early in the morning to kindle the cooking fire for her family.  I used to say it daily as I lit our gas stove to make dinner for my family.  When Eldraun and I started building the lesson structure for the clan and chose to work with the Nordic deities, I changed the prayer to reflect our honoring of these gods.     

Algiz is the seventh rune in the second group of eight runes (called an "aett") in the Elder Futhark.  A common use of this rune is for protection.  The rune (seen below) can represent the intimidating horns of the Elk or the footprint of the Valkyries in their form of a swan which both relate to warding, consecration and blessedness.