A gift for a gift

"Holy water, sacred flame,  Bridget we invoke your name! Bless my hands, my head, my heart, source of healing, song and art."  Diane Baker

 I'm working on writing a public ritual for the Buffalo pagan community.  The goddess Frigga is at my side while I prepare this holiday for our guests.  As hostess, it is my honor to offer the welcome cup to Brighid.  Our home holiday will center around the Aesir and the blessing of our work items by Thor, but our open holiday will be dedicated to the "Fiery Redhead" of martial arts, smithcraft, and creativity.  

To the Norse people, hospitality was a way of life.  No one could be turned away.  The table and welcome cup were always full and there was always room for one more in the household; a place for guests coming in from the cold.  Odin in His guise as Wanderer, could be the guest who knocked on the door late at night, and who would turn Him away?  It was understood that if the guest was treated well, they were to be respectful to the host and the host's family.  

Gebo is the rune of gift exchange and the promise of mutual respect.   Exchanging gifts creates an energetic bond between people and families, and can form kinship.