Spring Renewal

The warmth of spring has come early to our section of Western New York and brings with it a sense of renewal and breaking free from the cold, preserving ice.  Someone reset the Goddess's alarm clock and we are waking up much sooner than expected.  Science tells us that this is not a good thing, and with good reason.  Mother Earth's climate is changing.

Here at the Albino Bat covenstead we have started to see change come in more positive ways.  Seeds that were planted last fall are now beginning to break through the soil and stretch their way to the sun.  The warmth of inspiration and the fresh, new growth is riding high, encouraging the sap in older trees to flow more abundantly.  

Seven years ago, at a time of great upheaval, I leaned my soul shocked, empty shell of a body against a slumbering Oak.  The Oak, still and patient, shared with me a small secret of hope.   Although the tree looks bare and dead, the stirring of life still remains underground.  A reflection of my soul.  The strength of my blood.  The sap of this Oak.  The promise of renewed vitality.  

Uruz.  Uruz.  Uruz.  

Rune of the aurochs, of strength and vigor, and overcoming impossible odds.