Hygge - Creating Calm

"Hygge - a Danish word that means a sense of wellbeing, a comfortable feeling, coziness, and pleasure in the simple things in life."  Clare Youngs, Scandinavian Needlecraft

The Danish have a long tradition of creating moments of comfort to bring an extra touch of contentment to their lives.  This practice is a way to combat the cold environment that they live in.  I've started including a bit of hygge into my life and have found that it adds a little light to my commonplace chores.    

I find the love of the gods in this practice.  We as witches, pagans and heathens already have a sort of hygge.  When we talk about every single act of or day being sacred, this is a form of hygge.  

My hygge right now lies in Tim Horton's coffee, medium double double, a jasmine scented candle lit over our hearth which reminds me of a Christmas gift that my sister gave me 15 years ago, and our cat sitting on my lap in a favorite blanket.  All gifts from the gods, all bringing comfort and contentment.  

Skol and good health to you!