The spring has not yet come here in Western New York but She is definitely trying to manifest. Our weather has been swinging from frigid cold to above 40 degrees making it hard to settle into the historic rhythm that we are used to. When I lived in Harrisburg, PA, March and April were warmer months. Snow was almost unheard of at this time of year. Since I moved into the Buffalo area, my experience of the weather has shifted.

Ostara, or the vernal equinox, occurs this year on March 20 at 5:58 p.m. As the wheel has turned, the energies of the Earth Mother will start flowing. In my mind, I turn again to Uruz and the vitality of nature. Ostara marks the celebration of the earth warming up beneath the snow. Snowdrops poke their tiny heads out of the soil and act as a quiet reminder of the life that is to come.

This spring, slow down. Watch the birds, and pay attention to the changes. All too often I feel that we try to rush ahead into summer, looking for freedom from the chill. Not me, not this time. I will be watching the signs of Nature and staying aware of the changing features of Mother Earth. What will She be wearing tomorrow?


HPS and Witch