At the Crossroads

When Hecate meets you at the Crossroads, you must make a decision or one will be made for you. These words are both scary and empowering. Here, we are reminded that inaction is a choice, and that choice has its consequences.

As Witches, we know that we have the ability to make changes in our lives as our Will allows. Ritual, magick, spellwork, and divination are our tools. Why, then, is the power of choice such a difficult idea to accept? I encourage you to realize that it does not have to be.

Instead of feeling intimidated by the choices in your life, try to look at them as a series of opportunities presented to you. Seek guidance from Deity or from divination tools if you feel drawn to do so. Remember Hecate’s wisdom and feel the power that is held within your choices.

Lady Eir, Coven of the Grey Lynx