Between the Holidays

So here we sit between Beltaine and Solstice and what has your focus been? I have for many years looked to carry the energy from one holiday to the next. You put all of your energy into the spellwork or lifework according to the station of the holiday on that specific day, but do you revisit that energy in between, do you self-check your progress or do you just wait to see what the next step will be for the upcoming holiday? As witches, we live our work and work to progress our lives. Relying solely on the energies of the holidays to get us through to the next holiday is lazy witchcraft and lazy spell work. So my challenge to you all is to take the time and look back at Beltaine. Look at what you worked for and see how far you’ve come with it. Start making the adjustments now to prepare for the coming energies of the Solstice. The colors of Spring are upon us. Like an empty canvas, let your magickal imagination paint the future you want to behold, and at Solstice, be thankful for it.

Lord Eldraun

Coven of the Albino Bat