Which Season is Your Season?

What is your season? Toward the end of December, we often hear others use the expression “next year is going to be my year!”, when they refer to goals they would like to meet, or expectations that have yet to be fulfilled. Typically, though, I find myself looking at the cycle of the seasons that happens within each year.

Is there a season that sticks out for you as being one where you are most productive? More likely to achieve goals? Most ready to go after a problem and find a solution? In my own life, I have found a pattern that has occurred noticeably for me over the past few years. I go through summer with a goal in mind, but am unable to focus my energies enough to get the tasks accomplished. Suddenly, in late August or September, a moment of clarity happens for me and the path to success comes into view. Goals that seemed unattainable a few weeks or months back are now easily manageable. The fruits of the Second Harvest are available to me as long as I put in the work.

The realization of patterns like these is exciting and faith-affirming. The seasons of the Earth follow a cycle just as we do ourselves. The Autumn Equinox is the perfect time to look at cycles and patterns that your life follows. I am reminded of the wisdom that the rune Jera holds within it: the Wheel follows patterns and cycles, and we are rewarded with a good harvest according to the work we have put into our lives.

Instead of putting pressure on yourself to make each subsequent year your best year yet, be reminded that the Wheel turns and follows a cycle. Your year will have ups and downs, but you will certainly reap the benefits of what you have sown. JERA

Lady Eir, HPS, Coven of the Grey Lynx